Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

I told you that Memorial Day weekend is all about the Indianapolis 500.  So what did we do on Memorial Day?  Remember that old lawnmower?  Well, it died Monday morning.  Not surprisingly, either.  So Bry-D went to Sears(insert grunting noises)  and got a new one.  This picture was taken after it's first run.  Wanna know why it's not dirty?
 'Cause he rinsed it off afterwards.  Let's see how many times that happens again.
 He also got another new toy.  (Insert more grunting noises)
He wasn't nearly as gentle getting this one out of the box as he was the PS3.
 He immediately handed me the instructions.  Not so I could read them to him, but so that I could put them away.
 Lex knew exactly what the box was really meant for!
 He picked up that handle thingy and asked, "This for banging?"  I told him no, it was for...something with the new thingy.
 Look Daddy, I can work it!  (Don't worry, it wasn't plugged in) 
 Bry-D plugged it in and gave a 10 second vrroom.  Lex thought that sounded funny.
 Then Bry-D really let it loose.  Lex did not find that noise at all funny.
Oh, I forgot to mention why Bry-D got this new toy.  I demanded he get fence to keep the dogs out of my veggie garden.  So he measured and estimated, and decided he needed a miter saw and lots of wood.  Lotta lotta lotta wood.
 It was so blistering hot and not a cloud in the sky, he didn't get very much done, but he plans on working on it a bit each day.
He also promised to show me how to use it.  I think I'm going to like this toy!

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