Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rhubarb Pie & Gardening

I said I'd make a rhubarb pie next, and I did! My neighbor gave me some fresh rhubarb and I knew Misti, I've mentioned her before, claimed to have the best ever rhubarb pie recipe.  We had everything in the pantry already, so I got to work.  Turns out she was right!  Del-ici-ous!
 I definitely got the stamp of approval from Lex, tho Eliz said it was too sweet.
 That's okay, more for me!  Although Bry-D liked it enough to have two pieces before dinner.  I didn't catch him, just saw that the pie was noticeably smaller.
 This morning we planted seeds, since the fence is supposed to be finished by this weekend.  I meant to plant these a long time ago, but well, yeah.  So we put dirt in cups,
 Made sure to write what we were planting on the cups,
 Put the corresponding seeds into cups,
 And placed them in a sunny spot where the dogs can't trample them.
We're going to paint the fence and plant a cut flower garden along it too, then I'll buy some tomato plants to go along with these.  I'm so excited!  Yay! 

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