Monday, April 25, 2011

Man vs Nature

It's a typical Indiana April-lots of rain, which means very tall grass.  I kind of like it, personally.  It's not that high, in my opinion.
 Ok, after a little perspective-the toddler can barely walk through some parts pf the yard, I guess it does need a bit of a trim.
 Work it, Baby!  That mower is 6-7 years old, and it's not self propelled.  Which is why I never, NEVER offer to mow for him.  The grass was wet from the rain today, so it was iffy how this was going to turn out.
 Man won, however.  I predict the grass rallying and growing several inches in the next few days.
 His son takes a more one with nature, or mud, approach, as we already know.
If you look behind the little guy, you'll see my vegetable garden, which Bry-D seems to think I want to grow grass in, not vegetables.  Hrumph.

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