Thursday, February 23, 2017

On being used by God...

Just before I started using this blog to do cancer journey updates, I posted an update on Facebook about many things, but one of them was Shakeology.  I had come to the conclusion that I wasn't going to make it through chemo without these very effective, but very expensive shakes.  Immediately after posting, I told Bry-D my decision.  He panicked; I could see his butt pucker with terror at the thought of spending $4 a day on something.  But he also couldn't say no, because he knew how much better I did when I had a shake.
He stuttered and stumbled,
'But we can't, it's, it's..because, and...'  

Then, I got a notification from Facebook.  What's interesting about that, is that I don't have notifications turned on for Facebook.  I even use a junk email as my login for Facebook.  So, I looked at my post, and there was note from a friend to PM her about Shakeology, because she has boxes of it.
I showed Bry-D and said,
"You really need to thank Jesus, because apparently, He has your back."  
I didn't add, "Ridiculous tightwad,"  I just thought it.  However, Bry-D's cheapness was an opportunity for God to provide, and friends to be used by Him, because I had been praying for a few weeks about being able to use Shakeology.  
Well, my exact words were, 
"Jesus, you have to do something, because You know how that man is,"
And check out how much Jesus loves Bryan-

And me, of course, but this was more about Jesus telling Bry-D, "Dude, I got you.  I know, I had you marry a crazy lady, but I got you, son,"
Thank you, Meghann, and thank you Jesus!  


  1. This makes me happy. I am so glad it all Worked out so well!!!!!!!