Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Also known as Race Weekend in my family.  My entire life, the biggest summer get together has always been Race Weekend.  Living in Indianapolis, the 500 is hard to avoid, and the City devotes the entire month of May to activites surrounding the Race.  However, The Brickyrd 400 is starting to become "The Big Weekend".  Bry-D didn't have to work, even with all the rain!  On Saturday, Bry-D & I took the kids to the 500 Festival Parade.
 Sorry, we ran around alot & I was to busy to take more than these two pictures. 
 Sunday after the race everyone gathers at my parents house for a cookout.  Check out the lightwieghts.
 My dad had a wasp trapped, which really intrigued Lex.
 Lex also helped grill the hotdogs, bratwurst, and italian sausage.
 The Diva herself, and our adopted Grandma Wilma.
There are two places to hang out at my parents' house-one is the swing in the side yard.
The Deputy was giving self-defense lessons to the girls, using NewGuy as his dummy.  The Deputy said, "I'm going to hit your leg here, it won't hurt, but you'll fall down"
NewGuy dodged it.  I was laughing hard, sorry it's so blurry, but you see that The Deputy almost did a face plant.
He switched dummies to The Mechianic.  He is a Dummy, and took the hit, however, he didn't go down. 
The other place to hang out is the fire pit in the backyard.  Here's The Quilter, Lex, and The Quilter's oldest, Jesster, my parents are on the swing.  And yes, my Mom has her arm in a sling.  She slipped in some mud, fell, and broke her arm.  I can tell it as a very funny story, but I perfer to wait until she's around to be annoyed by it.
I don't know what we were talking about, but it must have been funny by the looks on thier faces.
Cousins playing together.  There are more pictures and some funny videos, but The Student & The Quilter have those. 
I left my camera at home, all of these were taken with my phone.  Not to shabby, I think.

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