Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bry-D's new toy

Bryan's work gives the employee's reward points for productivity.  He finally cashed in some, or all, I really don't know, and got a new toy.

A PS3.  Also know as, You'll Never See Your Husband's Face Again.

Two of the three boxes it was packaged in.
 Ohhh, the excitement!  Rapture!  Joy!
 He managed to set the controller down and turn his head before I got the picture of his big goofy grin.  You can see a hint of it there.
 Careful, careful!
 He actually let me hold it-fresh out of the box and everything!  It's really heavy, I remember the PS2 weighed about as much as a Frisbee.
 Do you see the scuff?  Do you?  Cause it's riiiggghhhttt...There!  (Yeah, I can't see it either, I think you can see the camera and my fingers more clearly)
LOOK!  It's a man that reads directions!  Or at least peruses them.  It's fun to note that this picture didn't load the first time, maybe the computer didn't want evidence of such a thing.

Honey, just plug the thingy into the thingy and press the thingy.  Really, how hard can it be?
 He said, "It powered up.  That's a good sign.  It beeped at me."  He must have very high expectations.  Apparently, there's something going on with the audio hookup that he can't hear it, though he can play it. 
So, I should have plenty of time to blog and facebook, since I won't be spending any time with my husband in the near future.  Unless I decide to relive the teen years and watch my guy play video games. 

He said it was strictly for the BluRay.  And I believed him.

                                *       *       *        *                            
Update on the toy-Bry-D found out that our moniter has speakers, so he can hear his game, however, I don't know if we'll be able to do the surround sound stuff when we watch movies.  Also, after he hooked it up it immediately needed a "Crucial" update.  Which it tried to download for the next couple hours.  (It's okay, we put a dollar in the Collection Box & I called it a night.)  He did get it sucessfully downloaded the this morning.  We played the Playstation Move games, and as someone that has not played very much Wii, I can't tell a big difference.  Altho I like the playstation controller better because the end of it glows and is blue.

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