Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brickyard weekend

Tons of pictures.  Saturday night we gathered at Dad &; Mom's for a cookout.  It was horribly hot, as anyone in Indiana knows, so we very quickly got out the sprinkler for the kids.
Apparently, Eliz messed with the sprinkler, so Dad had to come and adjust it.
After he adjusted it, he helped the grandkids cool off
Then he sat down and didn't share his food with the "other" grandkids.
Eliz caught in action!
Hhhmmm, wonder where Lex got the idea to do that?!?
Notice Dad hadn't finished his hamburger?
What happens to a Grandchild that gives Grandpa a taste of his own medicine?  Get it back double time!
Evil Grandpa Face
I surrender!
Adults watching helpless children get attacked with waterhose.
More adults watching children
Adults eating and resting between attacking children with hose.
Abi staying true to her roots and getting nekked
Evil Uncle Gary Face, and The Quilter looks pretty happy too!
The Dynamic Dou getting messed with by Uncle Gary.
Bry-D and Gary chatting
Her first "J"!  She's getting married in October, woo-hoo!
Yeah, he's at it again.
Take cover!
Hey Grandpa, see what I leaerned today!
To those of you who don't know my parents-Dad's smile says he's giving Mom a hard time and really enjoying it, and Mom's face says that after this many years, it stills gets on her nerves.
Nekked Abi's impersonation of Grandpa.

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