Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Going with the flow of mud

You all know how much Lex loves mud.  And if you've watched the national weather, you know that Indiana has had LOTS of rain, and that translates into MUD.  Which isn't forcasted to end anytime soon(praying the 500 doesn't get rained out).  Anytime we go outside to play, we end up muddy.  I could fight this, insisting on staying indoors, or only playing in the front yard(less mud there)  Instead, I've been trying to think of a way to embrace the mud.  Lex particularly enjoys getting his vehicles dirty, then washing them, so I'm trying to come up with a carwashing area.  Of course, I then saw something I just had to do on Meg's blog. 
Mud Pie Kitchen
Our backyard has "the best spot" corner area, where the kids have dug holes that they use for all sorts of things, from fixing soup to washing toys.
 This is where we keep our firewood in the winter.  Seems to me this is the perfect spot for our new kitchen.
I did a Goodwill run, and got a bunch of supplies, with the intention of keeping half aside in case things got broken.
Eliz was big help setting up-we used the plastic bins for water and storage, and LEx immediately adopted one to be used for washing cars.
This was how Lex helped set up.
Soup's on!  I don't know how much we'll add/subtract/change this.  I suppose as the summer goes on, it can change quite a bit.  I was weeding in the veggie garden while they cooked up a storm, and was served several delicous dishes.  We have a family project planned this weekend for the veggie garden, can't wait to show you!
I followed the links on Meg's post, which led to extreme excitement, then I did a yahoo search on mud pie kitchens and found my dream-come-true-backyard here.  Seriously you need to look around this blog!  I need to stop before I gush all over you about how much I love this woman's ideas!  I spent for-ev-er looking and reading and getting all jumpy and silly with desire to try and make and do.  'Nuff said, happy Towel Day everyone!

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