Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The next story

I didn't do everything perfect in our run in with CHC.  I texted Bry-D to please pray, we were having drama, and then, when he kept texting but I couldn't talk, I texted, "The police are here, it'll be over soon."  He, of course was just fine and not at all concerned by that reply. 
  Yeah, no, he wasn't.  He requested that I call him, NOW.  So I did; and I explained everything, and he lectured me on proper alerting to drama procedures, which, I guess is, DON'T.  Well, serves him right for ruining my funny story earlier.  I should have known from our years together that stirring the pot with him was a bad idea.  *sigh*

After several fun hours on the beach, which I'll share with you in the next post, we headed back to the incredibly nice and new hotel A & the Nurse found.  We got the kids cleaned up, ordered pizza, all was well. 

A little bit about me, before Bry-D and I were married, we lived in Panama City, and worked on the Beach.  We came back to Indiana to get married and stayed.

As I'm eating pizza, my phone rings.  Having lived in PCB, I knew it was a from Panama City.  So I answered, not being sure what could be going on.  The man on the phone identified himself as Officer Someone-I-don't-remember, and said this was a follow up call in case the event from earlier was taken to small claims court.  I start answering his questions, but I KNEW his voice.  I knew, I knew his voice.  But who was he?  If this was a prank call, there was only one I guy I knew that would do it, and he didn't have a southern accent.  Then, the "officer" said, "Ma'am, in my experience, people from Indiana are horrible liars."  Absolutely positive now that it was prank, and unbelievably angry that I still hadn't figured out who it was, I snapped, "Well, I'm So-rry!"  Then he chuckled, and I knew, as he said it, who it was.  "Peggy, it's Windsor."  Bry-D's brother from a different mother.  The only person not related to Bry-D that loves him as much as I do.  Long-lost Windsor.

This dude.
Yes, he was in our wedding.  Yeesh, we were skinny back in the day!

And here he is STEALING my husband(and not even a day of being my husband!) and putting him in the trunk of a car.  They drove off in a cloud of dust, and everyone says the look on my face was, 'They're coming back any minute, right?'

I'd give him a nickname like I do everyone else, but, That Crazy Guy That's Somehow Still Alive is just too long.  As I said, he was long lost, because a few years ago, they moved & we moved and no-one had the correct numbers.  Which is why I didn't know he & his family live in Panama City now, and I didn't know he & Bry-D had (finally) found each other on Facebook that morning, and had talked after I told Bry-D about CHC, which is when Bry-D asked him to "get me".  And so, my response was,

"I love you and I hate you so much right now!"  We started talking, and my sisters wanted to know what in the world was going on.  Giddy with excitement, I explained, and A, who knows Windsor from trips to Florida, was just as surprised and excited.  We met up the next day.
Like an idiot, I didn't get a picture of us together.  As Windsor said, he likes his BBQ.  And if we lived close, we'd probably like his BBQ too.  Look for pictures of a family trip to Panama City soon.

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