Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The beach!

We started our time at the beach by introducing the kids to sand.
"Kids, this is sand, and unlike the sand in a sand box, this stuff stays with you.  For along time.  In cracks and crevices you didn't know you had.  So go on, and have fun! And by the way, don't even try to avoid it, it will get you."

Then into the water.  It was the first time at the beach for all but Casserole.

The Teacher wanted to try to get some of those trick pictures you see on Pinterest.  And we got some, but my favorite picture from all that is the one of everyone working together to get a trick picture.

Oh, we did have a small problem with an over tired Bonnie throwing a fit.  She really DID NOT want her picture taken.

At one point, we thought we lost Clyde & Lex, but they were quickly found getting sand in the food.  I mean, helping themselves to a snack.  Note for next time - put a lock on the cooler.

We went to the Pier when we left the beach.  As usual, we had a little unexpected fun.  A family was trying to get a picture, and some of our little people walked in on it.  After we exchanged jokes about how they would explain the much larger family to friends back home, to their delight, we went ahead and threw all our kids into their picture.  The rest of the time we walked around the pier, we called their Dad, New Dad.  They must have had our sense of humor, because they thought it was great.
What?  It's not like we're a really big group that takes up the entire Pier or anything!

It's a public fishing area, and we got to see a couple of fish being reeled in.  I think they were both King Mackerels, but I'm not positive.

At one point two of our little people got in someones way when they were trying to cast a line, and one of New Dad's actual kids teased me, 'Someone needs to watch those kids!'  and I said, "No, their Dad should be disciplining them!'  And he lost it.  We wandered around and took a few pictures. Well, actually, we took alot of pictures, but I'm only putting a few on here.

As we left, we shouted a loud and rowdy, "Bye DAD!" to New Dad, and went walking around a touristy area, looking for ice cream.  First we fould Ron Jon's, and the kids posed for surfing pictures.

And there was a train,

When we were giving up hope, we found ice cream!  We had actually left the touristy place when we found it.

Then we headed for Gigi's house.  As expected, the beach was a blast!

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