Monday, July 9, 2012

Crazy People in Hot Weather

We had already had an eventful day before we made it to the Hotel, but it's best to expect the unexpected with us.  We got to our hotel, which we had never recieved reservation confirmation for, nor did we know much about, other than it was older and one of the few places that had survived the hurricane a few years ago.  Now, there are older hotels that have been well taken care of, like the Canterbury Hotel in Indy.  Then there's this place. 
 It was a dump.  The Nurse asked to see the room before we paid, and after seeing & smelling the room, said No Thanks.  The woman in charge couldn't let that go.  She started off kind of unreasonable, and the more we said we weren't paying a dime, the crazier she got.  For some people, a hotel manager threating to call the police would mean danger, or extreme caution is advised.  In my family, it means, Bring. It. On.  Dear A stayed in her vechile with the kids while the rest of us worked things out.  She took this picture of the Nurse, the Teacher, and the Crazy Hotel Chick.   
CHC started go Jerry Springer, also known as White Trash, yelling and cursing.  At which point I said, "Oh no, not in front of my kids."  And I got out of the car, walked up and convinced her & my sisters that I was on her side.  I did that so CHC would stay calm; thinking one of us was willing to pay her made her keep it calm, mostly.  In all of this, The Nurse, the Teacher, The Quilter & I were very calm & polite.  Which wasn't what CHC wanted.  She wanted some crazy fight.  But we're not like that.  The more she said I'm going to call the police, the more I said, Go ahead, you're going to have to, they aren't going to pay if you don't.  Finally she was convinced to call the police, because that was her only option.  We knew it was an idle threat; with no proof of our reservation, she couldn't charge us.  And once the Police arrived, that's what they said.  This is A's picture of the Po Po's car.
After we were told we could go, I apologized to my sisters, and explained why I had appeared to side with CHC.  Once they were informed, they were fine with it.  Of course, we now had no-where to stay.  And it was lunch time.  So, A & The Nurse went looking for hotels while the rest of us took the kids to the beach. 

Now, I told you that story so I could tell you the next one.

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