Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My first pie

Bry-D called from work today and said he wanted pumkin pie.  Okay, I guess, was my answer.  I called my MIL, the Redneck Valleygirl(yes, she knows I call her that-it's incredibly accurate) and got her super secret recipe(wink, wink, Susie).  The kids helped-we were all kind of excited about this "first" pie.  I love to cook and bake, I'm always ready to try somethign new, but pie baking is kind of like quilting for me-something about it seems so much more difficult that I'm a little afraid of it.
 This is how Lex "helps"; he plays in the sink, constantly rinsing the dishes for me.
 Not very messy, which isn't always the case.
 Look, a picture of me!  And the pie crust getting trimmed.
 Lex "helping" again-he smashed the eggshells to smithereens.  Yes, very helpful that boy.  I liked it better when he washing everything.
 They watched the pie cook long enough to see that it wasn't very exciting to watch a pie cook.
 We didn't get the egg mixed in as well as we should have.  This didn't matter though.
 No, he's not pretending, that really is how big of a bite he took.  He ate his first piece in three bites.
 The second in four, and then gave me the double thumbs up. 
 Lex attempted to give me a thumbs up as well.  Eliz wasn't a fan of the pumpkin pie.
 I'm not a fan of pumkin pie either.  I am, however a fan of whipped cream.
Bry-D was actually worn out and ready for bed after that.  It was very comical.  Next we'll try Rhubarb Pie, because I LOVE rhubarb. 


  1. We can split you some rhubarb this Fall if you'd like!

  2. I have rubarb in my back yard too.
    I have to figure out how to sauce it because the kids love strawberry rubarb sauce, but I don't know what part to use. Marcie?