Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Freeze Mob!

A reason to love Facebook-a friend from highschool heard from another friend from highschool about a group from IUPUI called The Dead Unicorn Society that was going to do a Freeze Mob at the Indianapolis International Airport.  We don't have any batteries, so I had to use my phone for pictures. 

Here's the Story Morning Glory.

Adrian, aka A, a travelling buddy and partner in crime from the good ol' days, posted the link.  I told her I'd be there!  Bry-D had to work forced overtime(yuck).  But I got a babysitter anyway, and all was ready.  I tried calling Misti, another part of the travelling group(Mandy, the 4th member of the travelling group, lives out of state)however, Misti chose to be a responsible grown up, and not go.  I've decided to hold a grudge against her for that.  Anyways.  Bry-D told me on Friday morning that the front end of the car was in too bad condition for me to drive myself.  After I tried to drive it, I had to agree, it just wasn't trustworthy for more than a few miles, if that.  I tried to get a hold of Adrian, and ended up leaving her a Facebook message then chewing my nails.  She called Saturday morning and picked me up.  We met a group of people at a Kmart near the airport, as well as Lisa the friend that had told A about the event.   We had room for one more, and were joined by a man named Aaron.  He's a fan of Firefly, which immediately makes him cool.  We followed the group tot he airport, gave our parking tickets to a girl who then got them paid for-the reason why we met so early.  Then we waited for the rest of the people to arrive.
Everyone was to meet in the baggage claim area, see the clever sign?  Sorry about the blurry picture!  Probably camera error, not user error.
Once we had our instructions and had synced our cell phones, we went to the food court and began our plans.  I knew I wanted to be kneeling, and I had decided I would drop my purse and be in the process of picking everything up.  As it neared 12, we moved to a more concpicous area, and as my phone vibrated 12, I tossed my purse.  Not sure how I got it on the ground, how I got on the ground, but I froze a little eaarlier than I planned.  My hair was over my eyes, which drives me batty, and I think I my have blinked and moved my face without realising it.  I'm pretty sure I was mostly frozen, though, I honestly couldn't tell you.  I heard people walking by talking about the frozen people.  They were saying things like,
"What happened?"
"Why did everyone stop moving?"
One woman must have walked by everyone pushing a stroller and using her phone to film it, b/c I saw her from the corner of my eye at least twice, and several of my fellow mobsters were talking about her.  I heard another woman walk by and ask her companion,
"Are they supposed to be human statues?" 
I had mild panic attack when I realised my phone screen had gone blank which meant my super effective task killer had turned off my 5 minute timer, and therefore I wouldn't know when to unfreeze, since I couldn't see anything.  I tried to look to the side, but knew my head was going to move, so stopped.  I could see a group in front of me and it looked like some of the people were frozen and some people were hopping like rabbits around them.  I also noticed that things had actually spilled out of my purse, which made me really happy.  I was holding my phone in my hand, sort of out and away from my body; to my it looked as though it was jumping around in my hand, though most likely, I was the only one that could tell it was even moving.  Then my phone made me jump, b/c the alarm started going off, luckily at 12:05, so I just had to recover and get the blasted thing turned off ASAP!  Everything was on vibrate, so I don't know why the sound was on for it.  I got my things back into my purse and walked away from the food court, wandering a bit, since I was trying to figure ou why the alarm had sound when it shouldn't have.  I met up with Lisa, A, and Aaron, and as we left we found the DUS people looking at large sketch pads they had been using to sketch the frozen people.  That's what I had taken for rabbit hopping.  We all discussed the even on the way back to Kmart, A and I continually thinking of how Misti and Mandy would have behaved had they been there.  A drove me back, and we parted.  Then there was the letdown after you get yourself all hyped up.   I wanted to know had been still?  Or had been sort of half frozen?  Then it occured to me that I was wearing lowrise pants.  Had I been flashing people?   Some of that nervousness comes from Bry-D's love of dropping cold things down the back of my pants.  Once the video was released, that fear was aleviated, only to be replaced by the worry of how frozen was I?  Dspite my concerns, it looked like everyone did a great job, even the little kids. 
I really look forward to doing more things with DUS.  Need to keep doing this kind of stuff so my kids never look at me and say, "You were never that cool!"

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