Thursday, April 7, 2011

A cute girl in a cute hat & a boy with his Monkey

We did it again. Library, Lunch with Daddy, and the Children's Museum.  I think next time we'll hit the Zoo, Indiana weather permitting.  See the pink beanie?  She actually let me pick her outfit, which hasn't happened since she started dressing in private.
 His sister likes to sit at the computers, so he likes to push the buttons.  It doesn't last long, he's up and running really fast.
 See the Monkey?  All pictures from here on out will be blurry, sorry.  This is in the Dora the Explorer Exhibit. 
 Her favorite area in the Exhibit is where you can pretend to be a veterinarian.  She posed for her picture.
 Again with the not staying still thing!
 HA!  Caught them standing still!
The stillness ended pretty quickly, however.
 I'll get pictures of lunch next time.  We did meet a very nice older man that gave each of the kids a silver dollar while in line at Taco Bell.  I saw him later doing the same thing with some other kids.  I wonder if that's how he spends his lunch hour every now and then?  That's a very good man.

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