Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Flying Ace 2nd Birthday, part 1

Bry-D was sick today, so we stayed indoors-Bry-D wore his warmest clothes with a stocking cap, his robe and slippers all day.  We're hoping tomorrow he'll be well enough to celebrate his and Lex's birthdays.  Traditionally, we go to the Children's Museum for birthdays until they can request something else

We sang Happy Birthday and Lex got to watch a movie first thing.  The rest of the day was rather quiet, until we did birthday cupcakes. 
Eliz is like her Dad, not a big sweets kind of person-at a birthday party last week she asked to have her icing removed and only ate a bite or two of her cupcake.  Lex, however, is like me-sugar, sugar, and more sugar!
He seemed concerned that we were setting his cake on fire.
Oh, sweet bliss, icing with sprinkles!   His sister didn't want a cupcake, & his Dad ate one without the icing.  Freaks.  I, of course, had a cupcake.
He kept asking for the candles, so I gave them back to him.  He put them back in and tried to blow them out.  When he realised he was out of icing and only had cake left, he said "Uh-oh!  All gones!" 
He ate around the candles, and sang what sounded like his version of "Happy Birthday" to himself.  I'm praying his Dad feels better tomorrow and we can do more to celebrate.  We'll see!

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