Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fun during vacation

Bry-D was off work the week after Christmas, and one day he made this ship.  We spent more than an hour playing with it.  No wonder we miss him so much when he's gone! 
When Bry-D and Eliz were on the ship there was a seawitch that kept attacking them, and even ordered her sharks(that look an awful lot like dogs)to attack the ship & it's crew
Somehow the crew members were able to fix the ship from the outside without drowning.  I really never got how that worked.  Altho the sharks did come after them.  When it was Eliz and I in the ship, a big Winged Dragon came after us.  I didn't try to get a picture of the Dragon, he would have hidden in the closet for a week if I had.  We were able to defeat him using small cannons(wadded up paper)
 Lex spent most of the time running around with his coat on asking when we were going 'side?  I think it was a combination attack from the sharks and the dragon that finally capsized the ship.
 Lowlife vultures picking the bones.  Doesn't anyone feed these animals?
 Eliz would leave the boat to fight the bad guys, and was always insistant that she was immune to whatever she was attacked with.  The Dragon finally captured her and dragged her to the couch to be tickled into submission.  I was unable to help her as I was being attacked by sharks and a toddler.
There you go, she can walk on water.  That Cranium Mega Fort was found @ a second hand store for $10.  I don't know how much it costs new, but I'm thinking it's worth the retail suggested price. 

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