Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Flying Ace 2nd Birthday, Part 2

Bry-D decided he felt well enough on Friday to brave the Children's Museum.  I should have carried the camera around with me, I missed several great moments.  I was pleasantly surprised that Lex was willing to wait his turn on this tractor.  Sorry the pictures aren't any better-the lighting in this area is terrible!
 Choo-Choo!  He actually spent more time pushing around a lawn mower, but twards the end of our visit he noticed that there was more to the Playscape.
 As great as the Playscape is, Eliz is to old for it now, so Bry-D and I had to divide and conquer.  We traded kids a couple of times, making sure both got to do their favorite things.  Which is really easy-Eliz wants to see the dinosaurs and Science Works, Lex wants to see the Trains and Playscape.  We girls did visit the Barbie exhibit, while the guys went...somewhere... 
 Once we were home, Lex passed out and Bry-D went back to his jammies and robe.  Oh, yes, and his true love, Diet Mt. Dew.  His birthday was Friday, but since he wasn't feeling well, all he wanted was to sit and do nothing.  He did ask to have China King for dinner, and he got it, of course.

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