Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lex is a year old!

We went to the Children's Musuem, one of the best places in Indiana.

He and Eliz both really enjoyed the racecar

Most definately the picture of the day

So, my little climber got into this drawer, which if you look at the pictures next to it, you see that toddlers are meant to take things in and out of it, not put themselves in it.  He's like his parents, just has to make his own way.

Another toy that he did his own thing with-he rode on the horse for about a minute before he began pushing it around.  I don't have a picture of it, but he took his frist real steps at this point.

The next night, he and Bry-D shared a cake, since Lex was 1 and Bry-D 31.
Lex has turned into a little puppy-if he sees you have food he comes up and begs you to feed him.  He was watching the cake very intently.

Uh, not so sure I like this..

I change my mind, YUMMY!

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  1. Happy Birthday Lex! Looks like a fun day. I love the pictures of him in the drawers.

    You won! Sort of. You know the tutorial I posted at The bag is yours if you want it.