Saturday, September 1, 2012

The invites!

I will admit, I had an obnoxiously good time making these.  Eliz and I got this idea from Pinterest, of course!  Since we didn't have to mail any of the invites, half of them could be handed out at church, and the other half I knew we would be seeing in the next couple of days, we went with kind of large boxes.  Remeber the things I made?  Well, you only saw half of them, and I was in too a big hurry to get them finished and delivered to take pictures before I did the next step.  The next step was to wrap each item in fuzzy yarn with a  'Pull Me' tag on the very end.
Then I made orgiami boxes from heavy weight scrapbook paper.  I got a big package of paper using a coupon at Jo-Ann's.
I printed the invites myself, since nothing looked the way we wanted it to.  I cut them so one piece was shorter than the other.
 I had fun picking quotes to use with them, I won't lie.  Of all the DIY I did for this party, the printing the invites was the most stressful and time consuming.  I'm getting a headache remembering it!
 But I love, love, love how these turned out!  I made sure the colors for the invites were all different and when I put the invites in the boxes, I again made sure they were different colors.  You can see them, kind of, in the next picture in the top of the boxes.
Pretty little boxes all in a row
And tied with a ribbon.


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