Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My mother's toaster oven hates me

I told my Mom my plans to makes things for Eliz's invites, and she gave me a large box of polymer clay & tools.  She also gave me a toaster oven, so the polymer clay wouldn't stink up my oven, or permeate it with toxic fumes.  So, here are my polymer clay figures, all Alice in Wonderland inspired, of course.
 AND, here they are after 45 seconds - not kidding, 45 seconds! - in my Mom's toaster oven.
I tried a second time at a lower temperature, and it happened again!  Something is wrong with the thermometer.  So, I'll be using my oven.  And I'll probably have to wait a few days until I'm not so angry before I can do it.  I'm an emotional artist.  I can't wait that long, we've only got 3 weeks until the party.  Luckily, I sent unofficial email invitations a week ago, and these are the official invites.

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