Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prep for Eliz's Party

When Eliz started talking about her birthday a couple of months ago, I promised her that if the contract was ratified, she could have a birthday party.  Seeing as how I'm a planner, I asked her what was most important to her to have at her 8th birthday party.  She requested 3 things:
1. Sleepover 
2. Tea Party
3. Gifts
She also named people she wanted to come, but I told her the guest list could wait. We have been talking about it every now and then, and I have been asking her different questions about food, games and decorations.  She said she wanted bright colors, which makes sense, she's not often drawn to soft pastels.  I pulled up some pins on Pinterest of Mad Hatter Parties, and some pins of regular tea parties, and she was gaga for the Mad Hatter Theme. 
The contract was ratified last week, (jump for joy-I did) which means I had a couple of weeks before I could start buying when we started planning, so Eliz and I searched Pinterest & Google looking for ideas for her party. We made a pin board just for it, and I let her pick the cover; it's the little thigns.  We found that niether of us liked the party in a box stuff.  We also watched as many Alice in Wonderland movies as we could, as research.  Her decided favorite is the new one with Johnny Depp.  I made these little teacups from polymer clay to test my skills.  I discovered a few things, like, fingerprints don't come off once cooked, and white can turn brown from dirty hands.  In a few days I'll be making some, ah, well, things out of polymer clay to use with her invites.  I can tell I'm going to have a blast getting ready for the party.  I hope the it's as much fun!

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