Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family Day At The State Fair

As I've mentioned, the State Fair is going on.  While the kids and I have been a few times, Bry-D is on vacation this week & hasn't been yet.  It was supposed to be rainy and yucky all day.  However, it is Indiana, so it changed after 10 minutes.
 We love Phineas and Ferb.  Really, the whole family watches it.
 Bry-D got these shots with he super cool new lens.
 Someday, he will actually get to DRIVE one of these things!  I swear it!
 That's a big tire, and a cutie pie!
 I don't think she cared very much about the tractor or whatever it is she's sitting in, I think she just wanted her picture taken.
 See the guy in mid air?
 They do tricks.  They jump off the lexiglass thing and land on the trampoline.
 Or, bounce on the tramploine, then fly back up and onto the plexiglass thing.
 Bry-D took these pictures, b/c I couldn't watch.
 LOOK!  LOOK!  I have purple hair!!  In this picture, you can see my purple hair!  Oh, and Lex rode this tractor bike thing. But look at my purple hair!
Very old farm equipment, that still works.  Lex thought they were all trains, it took some explaining for him to understand.
 Eliz & Lex, too bad they aren't even a tiny bit cute, sigh.
 The view from the horrible Ferris Wheel type ride we went on.  This was way worse than the ride I took with Eliz.
They have big fans that spray water, and even though it wasn't very hot, they had to play in them.
 David Crowder Band!!!  We were planning on going home at 4ish when we saw he would be on the free stage that night!  Toss the schedule, we're staying here!  See how skinny that guy is?  Well, I thought that since we had, well, um, matured, since last seeing him 9 years ago, he would have too.  But he hasn't.  Something about that isn't right.  Kind of like the picture from our wedding.
That's my uber-participant, uo front and as close to the stage as she could get!

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