Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Lady of Greenwood Festival

We did a family trip to the store & while we were out guess what we saw? A Ferris Wheel! There was carnival or summer festival going on and the kids started asking if we could go. The weather wasn't bad and it wasn't that late, so we walked over.

There were several rides for the kiddos, and then Eliz and I rode one of those rotating, spinning things. I remember riding them when I was, ahem, younger, and really enjoying them. I'm no spring chicken, 'cause I was dizzy and nauseous for 20 minutes. Eliz, however was priceless! I would have risked losing my phone to get a picture of her saucer-sized eyes when it started rotating while spinning, but we were strapped in to securely.

We let the kids play one game, and they were guaranteed a prize, so Eliz got what looks like a pink pig-dog, and Lex got a spotted frog.

There was a live band playing songs from Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots, and they were playing them really well. We walked to the tent, expecting a group our age, and they were TEENAGERS!!! We were horrified! It occurred to us that none of those kids ever bought the CD's from those bands, they had probably downloaded them from iTunes. They hadn't gone to any of their concerts, and then the worst of all – they were the same age we were when those songs were hits!!! It was almost to much for me. We decided to quit while we were ahead, or before some kid I used to babysit walked up and said they were in college.

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