Monday, July 2, 2012

While we can...

Word on the street, and news, is that there's going to be a water ban placed soon. I understand, and it's probably a must, because I can't remember the last time it rained. I don't mean a 20 minute tease, I mean, rained. The kind of drenching that gives life to plants and saturates the air with the scent of trees and flowers. We're leaving in a few days for Georgia, and even though there is laundry to do, and to do lists to check off, I got out the slip n slide, since we probably won't be able to use it again this summer.   I'm only a little upset with the no fireworks ordinance, I get the dangers of wind and dry grass mixed with fire.
 They quickly decided that a BIG running start was key to a good slide.
 I must be getting old, 'cause it makes my knees hurt just looking at this. 
 Obviously, did not bother her knees At. All.
 Either because he's too light or because he didn't want to, Lex never made it face first into the pool at the end of the slide.
 He did lots of twists and turns going down, though.
 Aww, yeah Baby!  I plan on taking this with us to Grandma's, so they'll get some more time with it.
 This looks like a lead in to a belly flop to me.  Or a face plant.
 Yep, face plant.
 You can barely see our sprinkler.  There's always one sprayer that finds me when I'm not in bathing suit. 
 Keep pullin' kiddo, keep pullin'.  His dad doesn't have a butt either, and I wonder if he's just gotten used to his pants falling down, or if he knows a trick he hasn't yet shared with me.  So far I haven't found anything to keep the poor boys pants up.
 Lex got out his skateboard and rode it down the slide.
 Surf's up.  The kids don't know it, but we're taking them to the beach for a couple of days.  grandma's house is 3 hours from The Gulf.  I'm looking forward to their first trip to the beach.
 Lil' Monkey. 

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