Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Riding Lessons

Eliz has been taking riding lessons for almost 3 years.  As I've mentioned, this year she's old enough to participate in Mini 4-H.  She chose Horse and Pony & Cookie decorating; for her poster exhibit, we needed pictures of her riding and caring for her horse.  I usually take a few pictures of her riding, but these were more specific, since we didn't know what she was going to use for her poster.

Walking her horse.  She doesn't always do this.  To save time, the girls sometimes get Bear or Sniper ready beforehand.
 I don't think about how BIG the horses are until I see Eliz on a stool brushing them.  Then I think, Wow, they ARE big animals.
 You could call what Eliz is doing in this picture, "Illegal Passing"
 Go, baby, go!
 Oh, and I ride sometimes too.  I don't get on as often as I'd like, but I love being out there.

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