Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Introduce a friend to a horse

For Mini 4-H Eliz had to choose two projects and the one she was most excited about was introducing a friend to a horse.  Her friend Mandolin is a big animal lover, but has never actually been close to horses, so this was fun for both girls.
 Eliz showing her all the horses.  We ride at the L. B. Ranch, and at times they will have 7 - 8 horses.  That's Diesel, he's a beautiful Palomino, and if he could speak, he would greet people with a very surfer-ish, "Duuuddde, whas Uuup?"  There's just something about him that makes him seem...ditsy.
 This is probably Sniper, I would have to see his front feet to know for sure.  I think Mandolin was surprised to find that horses have a bit of personality.  And glad that he didn't try to give her a few kisses.
 Watching Eliz get on the horse, and then have most of her riding lesson.
 The official Helmet hand off!
 Getting on a horse is more difficult than it looks!
 She rode tandem first, and apparently said something to the effect of, "I get it, it's FAST!"  So, no barrel racing for her.
 Then we had Eliz lead her around.
 I do believe she's saying "WHOA".   Pretty sure it wasn't "GO"
 Getting off the horse isn't much easier than getting on.  She said it was fun, I know it was a totally new experience.

At home later, Bry-D and the kids played.  Most Dad's like, wrestle, or watch tv.  Not my guy.  No, he has the kids chase his RC Helicopter.
 I guess if it really bothered me, I would have been all, "No, don't do that!"  But instead I saw it as an opportunity to play with my camera.

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