Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Start Your Engines!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling overwhelmed and a bit like an underachiever as I tally up just how many PHD's I have.  Just what I have in the sewing room is awful! 

These bags used to be separated into categories - now it's just a mess of stuff that may need to be mended, sewn together, or even cut out!
 Happily, one of those bags hanging on the rocking chair is someone else's PHD.  But there are still four more bags of my stuff to do.
 How nice that all these PHD's hold up Eliz's Dollhouse.  Glad they are helping out!  P.S. these are all from Christmas, and not just this past Christmas!!!

I decided that I'm going to start with the oldest project I can find, which would be an outfit for Eliz when she was 2.  Then there's a coat from when Lex was a newborn, some shorts from the same time period, and some cut and partially sewn Christmas gifts.  Early, early announcement for July - to make myself feel better about the number of PHD's that involve Christmas, I'm going to do "Christmas in July"  and work solely on Christmas stuff the month of July. 

I'm forgetting the Steampunk costumes I started and actually need for a party the first week of June.  And, I've got my Tailoring work - 2 dresses and a shirt(these have to be done this week, though) Unfortunately, that doesn't even cover half -FROM ONE ROOM!!!  Oh dear, we're so going to have to do this again.  And again.  And again.  And no new projects til all this stuff is done!  Maybe I'll carry it over to June?  Or just do it again another month? 

Bleeckk!  I'll get the Facebook page up and running today, and the Pinterest board.  Check back here for the links!

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