Monday, May 21, 2012

Hmm, I think I'll go check my blog

It's been, what a few days since I posted?  ACK!  What, 20 days?  How has that happened?  Or has NOTHING happened, and that's why I haven't posted?  Well, I guess a little of both. 

Wanna know how I tell what's been happening in my life?  It's kind of like this - I couldn't find just the Cheers clip, sorry!

Well, no, it's not nearly as entertaining.  I check my pictures on my camera & my phone.

So, according to my phone, I've had quite a bit going on.  In a single weekend, my big sister graduated College, and technically, High School.  I don't have the pictures of my sister, just my Mom crying and my Dad being stoic.  I've been calling her The Student, but now that's she's graduated, and gotten a job in her field, I can call her The Teacher.
Had I blogged this when it happened, I would have gone about how proud I am of my big sis, how inspiring it is for me & Bry-D, things could have gotten really sappy. 
Our church had a Ministry fair, cookout, and adults vs. kids wiffle ball game.  We only stayed for the first ten minutes of the game, Lex desperately needed a nap.  Next time, however, we'll stay, whether Lex is in the mood or not! 
and the kids had an Awana awards Ceremony.  I'm really proud of Eliz, she worked hard to finish her book, and understand what the point was for each section.  I thought Lex did well, even though I'm not so sure he really "gets" it yet.

That was the first weekend in May!

The next week was busy too, and exciting!  I saw The Avengers with my friend A, I've mentioned her before.  We both bought Avengers tees and customised them.  The Quilter will always respond to my fashion-advice-seeking-picture-messages by saying, 'You should smile'  well, I'm concentrating on getting a decent picture, so I can't!  The Avengers rocked, BTW, probably because Joss Whedon directed it. 
I got out the drum set, which Lex claimed as his, and just so you know, if my worst fears are realised and he becomes a drummer, I'm moving out.  I'm not kidding, drummers are crazy & I refuse to live in the same house as one.  I've had a living room band more than a few times recently.
We had riding lessons, of course. Lex gave & received some loving while Eliz rode.
She's doing better and better - she usually rides Sniper, a pony with a great disposition. 
This family has the best toys, Lex will tell you all about them!
That was the week, and then during the weekend, my niece had a birthday party at a bounce place.  Adults got to bounce free, but I was the only one that did.  Bry-D had me climb that tower - twice.
Ummm, that's either Eliz, or Casserole, not sure.
That's a decent picture of me.  It took me a few time going down the bouncy slides to figure out how to do it without searing the skin off my legs, but I eventually got it.  My advice, wear pants.  I don't care how horribly hot you are, wear pants.  Your thighs will thank you.
So, that was the last few weeks for us.  How about you?

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