Thursday, April 26, 2012

We all have them

Admittedly, some have more than others.  Some have 1, or 2 and then there are those of us with a number in the double digits.  I'm talking about PHDs. 

Projects Half Done. 

 They are nothing to be ashamed of, right?  I mean, who hasn't started something and not finished it?  All during the March Madness Challenge, I kept noticing just how many of them I had.  And it really irked me.  Because a lot of my March Madness had to do with cleaning up and getting rid of stuff, and here's all this precious space being wasted by...PHDs.  And so, an idea for May.  May in Indiana is the 500 race.  There's also the Mini Marathon.  And all sorts of other race-themed stuff. 

So lets race.  Lets see how many PHDs we can finish in a month.  Most of mine will be sewing, but I've got a trunk I started to refinish and didn't, plus some home-improvement stuff that I didn't finish, but what I really want is to free up space in the sewing room, so I'll probably work on those.  I'll start up a Facebook page and a Pinterest board, and if you've got PHDs you'd like to finish, or get encouragement to finish, jump in.  Let's do this together, and again, the point would be to get as much done as we can, while enjoying the race.  I'll call it the PHD 500. 

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