Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Morning traditions

I don't eat donuts, but every Saturday morning, I go and get them.  I also grab myself a couple of muffins and a Grande White Chocolate Mocha. 
 Look at these bums!  They'll stay on the couch for hours!  Those two put off way to much heat for me to even sit next to them.  It's worse when Eliz sleeps in bed with us.  It gets so hot, I swear I can feel the fat sizzling off my butt. 
 While those lazybones lay around, Lex and I eat and play.  They eventually get up and join in.  All of us rolling and laughing.  Squealing 'stop tickling' and shouting 'come and get me'.  Pillows being thrown, dogs barking joyously, everyone panting and laying still only for it to all begin again.  The kids chests heaving while they insist that they're good for another round, while I try to think of a viable excuse to get away.  Bry-D coming up with yet another silly crazy thing to do with the kids.  My recent favorite is his "Xander Guitar", though all it plays is giggles and wiggles.
If the strike happens, though, we'll have to stop getting the donuts. No more Starbucks or fresh bakery muffin(unless I bake them).  We've been cutting back for awhile now, but we're a week or so away from "it" happening.  And if "it" happens, we'll only have a few things left to give up.  As we discussed what to give up when, we both kind of realised that while we live well within our means, the rising costs of living - food, clothes, gas, etc., are making it harder and harder to do that.  We admitted that some people would consider us poor.  No tv, most everything we buy is used, I clip coupons and exclusively sale shop, and even then, it's only when it's beyond necessary.  But I don't see it that way.  As I've said before, to me, in order for something to be a sacrifice, you have to miss it, and I don't miss any of those things.  I wouldn't say I'm content though - I still long for material things daily, sometimes lots of things.  The upside to our way of life is that if "it" happens, it will take awhile for us to feel it.  We've got savings, we can go without a few more things, and we know God's got that under control.  I don't worry about how we will pay our bills or if we'll lose the house.  I don't worry about Bry-D's job, because all those things will happen the way God wants them to.  If things go the worst way possible, it's all part of the bigger plan, we just have to hold on through the storm.  Bry-D may not be so peaceful about it, but I trust his faith, and moreover, I trust my Lord.  He never lets anything happen without planning for the best to come from it; I've lived that my entire life, and I know that won't change, ever.  So, while we may not get donuts and coffee, He'll bring about something better, and we'll enjoy that while being thankful for the times when we got donuts and sat on the couch, played cars and wrestled til we couldn't breathe.

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