Thursday, April 19, 2012

Creative space

I've wanted a space for the kids art stuff for a l-oonnn-g time.  But creating a place that meshed with my desires and Bry-D's was not a simple task.  But finally, we have this.  A place where all the creative supplies are available at all times.
 Some things are hidden away to keep Lex out, also because extra space is something that we just don't have.  I know God's got a place for us to raise the kids that has lots of land, and the house has lots of space, but we're not there yet, and so we'll make do with what we have.
I love the colors!  $5 end table from Goodwill on half-off Saturday -Yay!  Divided tray from my Mom, little buckets from the $1 area at Target.  Though I feel obliged to say, most of the stuff in the "dollar" section was $2.50.
 Some more things that stay hidden from the 3 year olds little fingers.  There is a big box of ribbon,  modeling clay, stickers, cardboard, all sorts of stuff! 
 Craft and art books for the kids to pick something to do from, and paper storage. 
 Of course, we have a creative space set aside in the playroom.  I keep most of the kits and handwork type of stuff in here, along with the coloring books.
The kids have gotten used to these areas, so they aren't quite such the hot spots they were, but they're getting regular use.

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