Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Shoes

First off, my extended absence from here was not intentional-if it had been, I would have told you I wouldn't be posting.  The main reason was a lack of energy, due to a poorly functioning thyroid.  I've been on Synthroid for 2 months now, and it's made a massive difference.  The other reason is that I've been focusing solely on school since my energy returned, and have pushed everything not related to school to the back burner.  However, I've missed being here, and using the Internet as my journal, and a way to let far-off family know what we've been doing.  Not that we're incredibly exciting, but it's more than you'd get from Twitter or Facebook.  Moving on!

My kids grew.  Alot.  In a week.  Not kidding, stuff either fit just fine or it was too big.  Then I'm trying to button Lex's pants, and he says, "Mama, stop, that hurts."  They were adjustable pants, so I adjusted them.  And adjusted them.  Then I realised that the lil' booger had outgrown 2T and was in 3T.  He had a pair of shoes that were 7 1/2, and a pair that were 7's.  That's it, none of his other shoes fit, none of his clothes.  Then Eliz has the nerve to show me how her pants keep leaving groove marks, then how the hem doesn't even touch the top of her shoes!  How dare she!  Here's the deal, the way we shop for new clothes in this house by getting into the attic and bringing down a tub of hand-me-down clothes.  I've posted about this before.  Yes, this is a wonderful blessing not many people experience.  Usually, there are shoes as well, or we run over to the second hand store and buy from there.  That's my rule for Lex, since he outgrows them so fast.  With this growth spurt, I realised I was going to have to go shoe shopping; I wanted something specific for the both of them, and more than likely, I wasn't going to find it second hand.  I wanted shoes that could be worn with socks, but would work in warmer weather, since it's been so warm, and is supposed to stay warm.  I also wanted easy on and off, i.e. slip-ons.  We did try second-hand, and we also went to several stores-just ask Eliz, she'll tell you-we SHOPPED for shoes.  Once I realised I was going to have to get *new* shoes, I just bought them the shoes I had been trying to find cheaper versions of-TOMS.
Lex _loves_ these shoes.  I showed him a pair of shoes with Marvel Comic characters, and he still choose the plain grey TOMS.  Once he had them on, he ran and danced around, quite pleased with them.  Eliz originally choose the red sparkly pair, but I explained she needed to start with a pair that could get dirty.  The price is reasonable for new kids shoes($30 for Lex & $40 for Eliz), and the whole One for One makes it even more reasonable.  When we got to the store, I told the shoe girl what I was looking for, she grabbed a few shoes and said, "And TOMS are really great."  I've wanted a pair for myself for awhile, it's just, well I'm a consignment girl, I like the really nice quality without the high price.  So spending $50-$70 on shoes is...hard.  However, I see these shoes as opening the door for
Bry-D and I both to get a pair. 

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