Friday, February 10, 2012

Since her Daddy can't braid hair...

He did this.  A very creative ponytail.  Where was I?  I was on a date with my mom.  In December my mom asked if we could start getting together once a month, just the two of us, for dinner.
It's sort of a goal for this year.  All my sisters have a monthly Mommy Daughter date night.  My Mom and I have set aside the first Thursday of each month, and I don't know what my sisters and my Mom do, but so far, we've sat and ate and talked.  Which is my idea of a great time.

Speaking of goals, last year my goal for this blog was to post 8 times a month.  I checked, and I came very close to that, which is cool.  I have 2 goals for this year, the first is to go deeper.  Be more vulnerable, more open, share my opinion on things that aren't frivolous.  I'll be honest, that thought terrifies me.  Most people see the Internet as an anonymous way to express themselves; I don't. 

My other goal is to follow through with some of the great ideas I get.  I'll have an idea, toss it around in my head, mention it in passing to someone who will agree it's a good idea.  Then, I never do anything with it.  And so, on Monday, February 20, I'll be announcing a March Madness Pinterest Challenge.  The idea behind it is not to pin more stuff, but to jump start actually doing some of the things we're all pinning and dreaming about.  And so, with that, I'm going to go cower in a corner and rock myself into oblivion!

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