Thursday, December 1, 2011

From Grey & grey to brown & blue

Doesn't it look great?  Bry-D worked hard on it, I'm really proud of him.  However, there has been a, umm, glitch?  The tile color is "Puritan Grey" & the grout is "Slate"  Both of these look grey in the store, and most of the time he was installing it, the tile looked grey.
My mom has a great eye for color and when I sent her a picture of our grey tiles, she replied with, "Looks brown to me"  I tried not to panic and just decided it was the phone's fault.  But then he started grouting...and the tiles were indeed, brown.  And the grout!?
 With the names, we really thought we were doing grey with a darker grey, not brown and blue, but we agreed that at this point, it's not coming out.  Fortunately, we really do like the colors, they just aren't what we had planned on.  Next he'll put the toilet in and we'll add the sink!  Yay!

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