Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Girl's Day Out

On Saturday I took Eliz with me to the "That Something Special" Craft Show at Southport High School.  We walked around, sat and had a drink and a snack, just spent time together.  My mom and I have a had a booth there before, but this year things didn't work out.  I've had an idea for a Christmas wreath, and wanted something that I've seen at a booth each year, which is the main reason we went.  After I made my purchase, we found a really fun booth!

You almost can't see our hair/feathers-though they are very bright!  When we got home, Bry-D seemed to think I was crazy for getting my face painted, and even more so when he heard me promise Eliz I wouldn't wash it off.  For her, I went all out trying to preserve her face paint-I sprayed her face with hairspray.  When she asked if I wanted her to spray my face, I declined.  I only use hairspray on my hair in the most dire of circumstances, so face painting wasn't  going to get me to use it.  When I got up the next morning most of my face paint was off, but Eliz's looked pretty good, so she got to wear it to church.  I did have to explain several times that she had to shower on Monday and wash it off.  The hair things are supposed to stay in for 3-6 months; Eliz is messing with hers so much I don't think it will last that long.  We'll see!

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