Monday, November 28, 2011

A summary of my day today

We met Bry-D at the Mall food court for lunch; I try to make this happen twice a month. Usually we have a routine-lunch, library, then either the Zoo or the Children's Museum. Eliz was scheduled to play at a friend's house this afternoon, so today we were just getting lunch and then going to the library. We never made it to the library.
Here's the highlight to go along with the video-
:00-I lost my purse in the downtown mall.
:09-I get my purse back(with everything still in it)
:40-I lock my keys in the car, in the mall parking garage. The tossing and tumbling goes along with some of the other things that happened; read below for the detailed retelling.
1:20-How I felt when I was getting into the car and Lex, overtired from the eventful day, was screaming and crying.
1:22-When I took my shoes off at home.

After we said goodbye to Bry-D we stopped at a kiosk that had some games and toys.  We walked away, and I realised I didn't have my purse.  Eliz said, "This is not good."  I told her we just needed to pray.  I was also noticing that there was a foul odor coming from Lex, who, unfortunately had told Bry-D he had to poop, but didn't go when Bryan took him.  We went back to the kiosk, but my purse wasn't there.  We retraced our steps back to the food court, no purse.  To the bathroom, no purse.  Back to the kiosk(I was now sure Lex had pooped in his underwear, though he didn't seem to mind)and asked the clerk.  He called security, and was told someone had just turned in a purse in the food court.  Back to the food court, at this point I tell Jesus to just bring it, I don't care anymore.  The girl had already given it to a security officer on a Segway.  She said I'd have to ask someone with a walkie-talkie to find out where my purse was.  Did that, down to the lower level, into Security.  Purse not here yet, on it's way.  Into the bathroom, clean Lex up-Eliz keeps whining about having to be in there while it stinks.  I have no sympathy-I'm the one using wet paper towels to wipe since there aren't any wipes in the bag.  Lex probably used them all to clean his cars.  By the time I was done, purse was waiting.  Everything in purse, tell Jesus thanks, and the security guards.  To the car!  I put the car keys in my coat pocket while I go buckle the kids in.  Eliz climbs in and says, "I have to pee!"  My response?  "Are you going to pee on yourself if we wait?"  Yes, absolutely, this is a potty emergency!  Without thinking, I say, "Really?  we were just in a bathroom for 5 minutees!?!"  I sigh, take off my coat, toss it into the car, check to be sure I have my purse, and shut the door.  Ice cold water on my face realisation. Keys. were. in. coat!!!!  Yeah, I just did that.  Unfortunately, I give Eliz a look of death and tell her I've locked the keys in the car-and she takes my unspoken blame that this is somehow her fault.  Inside to security office which no-one answers when I knock.  Call Bryan. Walk all over the place.  Eliz has said she's sorry, but it's only now, hours later and after she's in bed that I realise I never really spoke to her about how this wasn't her fault, I kissed her forehead, and then just sort of charged forward with a grim determination.  So I'll have to pray she's not damaged soemhow from an afternoon of thinking she was to blame for her mother's moment of absentmindedness, and speak with her in the morning.  I call my Dad. Take Eliz to the bathroom-apparently she could have held it.  Find security guard and beg for help.  She gives me the number for Pop-lock.  Be there in 25 minutes, it'll be $45 flat fee.  Okay, not so bad.    Waiting for Pop-Lock, and the Salvation Army Bell Ringer goes by.  We parked right next to where he was ringing his bell, so he's seen us going back and forth, back and forth.  He got a brief update each time.  We're also right by the mall car stroller things.  Usually I'm a no climbing or playing with that kind of mom.  Under these circumstances I let it all go.
 I give the kids change to put in the Salvation Army bucket, and he's singing Christmas Carols, so the kids and I join in.  He's got a baritone with him too, and he lets the kids push the keys while he used the mouthpiece. 
Lex rang the bell for him and Eliz waved to people as they walked by.  He was a really nice man, and had a great Bass singing voice.  The Pop-Lock guy arrived and jimmied the car in less than a minute.  And now, after all this time being a great little trooper, Lex starts melting down, "LIBRARY!  WANNA GO LIBRARY!  WANNA GO!  LIBRARY!"  I get into the driver seat and drive home. Really, that's how I responded-just. get. home. We have 30 minutes before we have to drop Eliz off, so the kids read books while I try to get a few things done before we leave.  Drop Eliz off and then I break one of my rules and turn on a movie for Lex, then sit down and stare at nothing for awhile. 

It wasn't how I had planned for my day to go.  It wasn't a good day, but it wasn't terrible either.  As I left the house to drop Eliz off, I thought, if anything else goes wrong, I'm going to lose it.  Probably in a eyes leaking like Nigara Falls sort of way.  Through the whole thing I was polite, and did my best to be kind and thankful, other than the incident with Eliz.  But I'm looking back at it thinking, where was God in all of this?  Or really, was my focus on God in all this?  Because if it had been, would I have done anything different?  Was there some lesson for me to learn that I didn't?  Or was this just a rough day and I should leave it at that?  Not sure, but I'm ready for some hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.

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