Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's no longer cereal weather

As long as it continues to get colder and colder, we'll be eating more and more muffins
 We'll start eating oatmeal, and I'll eat grits.  Eliz's favorite is Double Chocolate Chip, my favorite is Lemon Poppyseed.  Nearly every time I open the box and start to add the 2-3 ingredients, I think, wouldn't it be great to make these from scratch?  But, it seems like baking a pie-something other women do, that are more together, better planners, healthier eaters.  And I think someday I will make our muffins from scratch, but not now.  Right now I want something mostly healthy and served warm, and most importantly fast!  There are other things I place a higher priority on, and so, I'm not going to burden myself with thinking I have to or I'm not taking good care of my family.  But someday, and I hope my kids are still living at home when I do fix the muffins from scratch.

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