Sunday, November 6, 2011

The best time of year

The difference between this day and the other day is that it's colder and even after clearing the yard the other day, it's full of leaves.  This time of year is my favorite-it's this time of year that reminds me of my childhood the most.  The smell of leaves, the sound of them crunching and crackling under your feet.  The feel of them tickling you as you lay in them; more than any other season, Autumn makes me miss being a child.
Lex eventually gave up riding his bike through the leaves, and so I took it to be an opportunity to practice a little child labor.
I tried to remember the games we played as kids, so I could teach Eliz & the neighbor boy, also known as Conan.  I remember playing different versions of tag, hide and seek, using the leaves to pretend to be zombies or vampires.  Something I hope my kids had from my childhood-neighborhood friends.  4 or 5 other kids around her age to play with.  There are great places to play where we live, but not many kids to play with.  You need other kids to build forts with, have wars with, climb trees and explore the world with.  Bry-D and I plan to move to a place that's kind of out there, with enough land for my huge garden, and his 4 wheelers & dirt bikes.  The only downside I foresee is the lack of playmates for the kids.  How to live out in the middle of nowhere and still be able to have spontaneous play dates? 

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