Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Creative Freedom

For some reason, painting on paper wasn't doing it for them today.
 They had to paint themselves...or maybe Eliz is considering auditioning for the BlueMan Group?
 I guess Xander wanted to go Tribal...or he just felt like highlighting his hair.
 He mixed his colors until they made brown.
 I think she told me what the white globs were, but I don't remember now.  It reminds me of Ronald McDonald, but she doesn't know who that is, which makes me feel old. 
I taught art for several weeks for our Homeschool group this semester.  One day a mother told me I did a good job.  I was a little confused, and asked what she meant.  She said I did a good job of letting them be themselves and do their own thing.  Which I got from my mother.  As a young teen (13-15) when I shaved part of my head and dyed the rest of it crazy colors, she let me.  When I used permanent marker to write/draw on myself(14-17), she didn't seem fazed-as long as it wasn't inappropriate.  I wrote poetry(my own and other people's) on my bedroom walls(13-18), and she suggested I draw a frame around them.  She was strict about some things-curfew, dating, how I allowed people to treat me, but when it came to self-expression and creativity, anything worked, because she always said, "There are no mistakes in art." 

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