Monday, October 10, 2011

It's a Conundrum

October is not supposed to be like this.  I've never been able to lay in a pile of leaves with shorts on, but I did today.  I keep waiting for the day I have to take those flip flops off her feet and replace them with socks and close-toed shoes...
And this may be the first time in years that it's rained enough for mowing in October.  There is usually a warning out not to burn your leaves or have's almost to hot for a bonfire!

 The leaves are turning, the trees look like they are on fire...some of them have swirls of color; green, yellow, red and orange...
 I've never had to weed my cactus twice in a season!
 We put all of the leaves into the garden.  The kids think we do this so they can play.  That's not the main reason, but it's nice that they can play and we don't have to keep raking the leaves back into piles.
 Took me a minute to realise what he was up too
 Aww, what a great Daddy, creating a small tornado for the kids!
 He probably enjoyed that more than they did.

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