Monday, May 23, 2011

I needed a nap afterwards.

Only a Children's Museum would have jelly-bean replicas of world renowned works of art. Yup, another trip to the Children's Museum, but with a twist, we took The Quilter's sister-in-law, Aunt Ruth, and we started on the top floor.
 The obligatory pre-fun restroom stop.
 This metal billiard-ball thingy has been around since The Quilter and I were kids.  Yeah, it's that old.
 We started at The Science Works, it's supposed to be for 6 and up age, but really works for all ages.
 Other than having to crawl under a portion so that you can play in the middle of the water works, it's a really fun part of the exhibit.  The crawling is only a problem if you're taller than 4 feet, the clearance is meant for kids, not adults.
 The construction area-so shocking that he went for the truck.
 It's called The Children's Museum, but adults can have fun too!
 Look what Teamwork can do!
 Something else teamwork can do!
 Lex-not so much a team player.  Especially when it's time to go.
 Maze of Mirrors-that's a lot of Clyde's!
 Aunt Ruth ROCKS! That's just my opinion, though. 
 She shared the cotton candy with everyone, so I bet they feel the same.

 The Quilter's kids did much better this time around with the Dinos.  The first time they came, all three had their heads planted in her butt and thighs.  She and I thought it was quite comcial.  The kids didn't get our sense of humor.
 Don't let the cuteness fool you.  Beware Bonnie.  This chick is going to rule the world. 
I'm really starting to contemplate hiring a driver.  I desparately wanted a nap on the way home like everyone else.

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