Saturday, February 26, 2011

He's lucky he's cute

Being cute has saved this little guy's life more than few times.  Those are bobbins.  For people that don't sew, you just need to know that they are little tiny wheels that hold a couple(or more) yards of thread. See that ball of thread?  It only took him 5, maybe 10 minutes to make that... 
 The unnatural quiet should have tipped me off more quickly.  How to use a bobbin, toddler style:  Take a bobbin, put it in the bobbin case lid, and pull the thread.  Then you watch the bobbin spin and spin and spin.
 He probably could have done this for a half hour or more. Quietly, and without bothering his sister.
I never did get a picture of the threads wrapped around his legs with the bobbins following him like cans on a newlywed's truck.  Or the ball of thread that was bigger than my fist.  Had Eliz seen it, she would have wanted to keep it b/c it was a rainbow ball.
I've been feeling yucky off and on for the last 3-4 weeks, and had I felt better, I might have been more inclined to anger.  However, I just didn't really have the energy for it, so he got to sit still while I unraveled/cut the threads, then helped me clean up.  He did get to keep the bobbins he had emptied, I realised that they're just the right size for hauling and dumping with his construction trucks.  He likes the noises they make.  This has also convinced me that I need to get a key for my desk-it has a lock so as to proctect the contents of the drawers from little hands, but I lost the key very quickly after purchasing it.  Anyone know, do I go to a locksmith for that?

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