Saturday, January 15, 2011

A young palentologist

Apatasaurus, Brachiosaurus, Corythosaurus, Dimorphodon, Eudimorphodon, ummm, yeah, I'm stumped when it comes to a dinosaur name that starts with an "F".  I never thought I would know as much about dinsoaurs as I do.  Sauropods and therapods, flying reptiles and sea reptiles, ornithischions & saurischians, so much information I'm not sure how I remember it all.  I know it because of Eliz.  Around the age of 2, Eliz discovered dinosaurs.  I honestly don't remember how she was introduced to them, but ever since,  dinosaurs have been a staple in her life.  We get books from the library about dinosaurs, we visit websites about dinosaurs, she has all sorts of dinosaur toys and books of her own.

I get asked weekly(not kidding)if we can go to the dinosaur museum, aka the Children's Museum, which has a really great dinsoaur area.  For a homeschool science project I got her a Dinosaur Excavation Kit.    There are two others avilable, however, this one came with a book and tools, so we started with it. 

Eliz is like me, wants to get it done, and get it done FAST!  Doing something slowly and carefully is a big challenge for her; so while she's excited about digging up a dinosaur, I'm excited that she's going to learn that some things must be done slowly.  We'll see how she takes it.

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