Monday, September 13, 2010

When I left, the house was put together

When I came home, the kitchen sink was literally in pieces on the floor. 
 He also attacked the bathroom sink.
 Show no mercy!
 Tho I can't complain to much, the new faucetts look great!
 Even with a sink full of dirty dishes!
This wasn't a completely random Tim the Toolman moment.  We've had problems with our kitchen faucet leaking, and while I was out running errands sans children, he thought it was the ideal time to take apart the sink and  fix the leak, if possible.  Turns out we needed a new faucet.  Then he checked the Master bathroom faucets, one leaks the other is fine.  One came apart without a problem, and he broke the other one, which is why we got new bathroom faucets.  This has brought about a full home remodel. 

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