Thursday, July 1, 2010

A new morning rhythm

I’ve been reading a lot of Steiner/Waldorf books lately. Waldorf seems to me a perfect complement to Montessori, and I am determined find a way to integrate both into our lives, though purists from both philosophies argue that is impossible.

I always did enjoy breaking the rules.

Waldorf proposes that people need a rhythm to their days, one that is similar to breathing. Some activities are like breathing in-painting, reading, walking outside; and some are like breathing out-running, jumping, tickle fights. As I've reviewed our daily "rhythm", we seemed off balance a bit.   I’ve noticed that in our house, the faster we get outside, the happier we all are. And so, our new morning rhythm has been born! 

Now then, just throw on long sleeves over PJ's if it's chilly, and it's off to the swings!
It's very wet outside, so a towel is a necessity
It was much easier to get a picture of him swinging slowly than it was of her swinging fast.
We all enjoy the 15 minutes outside before breakfast, except the nieghbor's dog, who seems intent on reminding us that we are outside _very_ early!
Once we come inside we eat breakfast, wash up and change clothes.  We have one more day of swim lessons, which will change the rhythm a bit, since we won't have anywhere to go first thing every morning.  Maybe add a walk?
Some more school pictures-
Building the Pink tower with a blindfold, harder than you think, also a study in moving slowly and carefully.
She tried to peek a few times, but found that she couldn't tilt her head back enough and stack blocks at the same time.  I officially introduced her to Mozart today, going over some of his biography.  I have to make a timeline to help her understand Past/Present; she told me she'd like to meet Mozart soon. 

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