Friday, July 2, 2010

Good Morning! Then again, maybe not.

5:30 ish this morning, Lex and I found this
We've been having problems with the Sentinel, Kaya, jumping the fence as well as dumping the trash all over the place.  Lex woke up very early this morning, I think he was cold-and after I saw this, and cleaned it up, Eliz came into the room and told me she had wet the bed.  It was then that I knew I had to take a break.  Once Bry-D was up, I drove down the street to Speedway, grabbed a couple mt dew's, and found that they were out of my favorite breakfast sandwhich(which is better than the one from Starbucks), but the sweet girl was there and she made me two of them fresh!  This is the 3rd time she's done that for me, and I think I'm going to do something nice for her, maybe a gift card to Ritter's.  She's done it when they were swamped, and she is always really nice, I just want to let her know I appreciate her.  I got home and felt super loved, Lex met me at the door laughing and giggling, and then just wanted to sit and cuddle.  Any ideas for an I appreciate your great attitude gift for a girl that works at the gas station?

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