Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grassy feet

Somehow we were outside very early the other morning, sometime between 7:30 and 8:00.  It was already horribly humid, and I still had to fight the kids to get them inside.  Altho, more and more, I have to wrestle Lex to do anything...not even 18 months and he's already asserting himself.  Geez.  Gotta love her style, it's 120% humidity(or so it seemed) and she's wearing a velour dress and knee high socks.

Her brother is a little more reasonable.  Tho I'm worried about how I'm going to keep his pants up once he's potty trained and we no longer have the diaper to help out.

Bry-D had cut the grass the night before.
I keep forgetting to put the DVD player up where niether of them can see it, b/c they are getting into a bad habit of turning it on first thing every morning.  That's probably Kung Fu Panda they're watching, it's been in heavy rotation.
In school, this is her favorite activity, color mixing.
She draws a color tablet from the pile, and has to mix the colors to match the tablet.  I had to make a rule that once she's out of colored water, the activity is over.  Orange is her nemesis, but green, the color she's doing now, is easy for her. 

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