Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Massive Bubbles!

I bought this book from one fo my favortie fun stores, United Art and Education.  The bubble thing that you use to make the bubbles with would be very easy to make yourself, but I never would have come up with the bubble solution.  The book said that humid weather is perfect for making giant bubbles, so Indiana summertime is ideal.  The day we did it was a little windy, but we still had some great success.

 I watched her trying to take this picture.  Wish I had a camera or my phone to get a picture of it.
That bubble was about 2 feet in diameter.  Yes, I'm impressed with myself.
Another thumbs up pose.
Sitting on the swing, I think.  So proud my daughter wears Chucks.
You don't have to move if there's abit of wind, however if it's dead still, you have to turn or walk to get the bubble going.
The book says that little tiny bubbles are bad for making giant bubbles, so she was obsessed with getting every last microbubble out of the mix.
   I think her bubbles were bigger than mine.
I never got a picture of it, but she was able to make a few that wrapped around her.
Next humid windless day we'll be out with the bubbles.  Feel free to drop by!

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