Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun in the tub!

We have a Saturday night tradition we call Big Water.  It started when Eliz was about two and we let the bath water run for awhile and instead of lowering the water level we let her swim in the tub.  Big Water night is sometimes bubblebath instead of big water, but it's a specail bath night.
I admit I'm not the best lifeguard, at 7 pm I really just want to go to bed myself.
She was a shark or something and was going to eat us all up.
Lex tried to eat the bubbles and didn't find them to be tasty.
I think I was politely telling Bry-D not to take my picture.
I hadn't planned on a bubble hug
But I'm a sucker for baby lovin'
Not such a threatening bubble monster, if you ask me.

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