Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Introducing Mary & Joseph

Our Tadpoles.  Or, Eliz's tadpoles.  We got them as part of the Unit on weather that we're doing.  They are bullfrog tadpoles, and they are much larger than I expected.  I've only seen scrawny little wild frog tadpoles, so when I opened the bag and saw these monstrous things I almost dropped the bag.  They are bigger than my thumb, in length and in width!  Eliz named them, and I like their names, altho I still hope she'll change her mind and go with Han and Leia.  At least I didn't try for Jacob and Bella.  Yes, I'm Team Jacob.
I'm glad I got the plastic figures, it seemed to help her get her mind around the process they were going to go through easier.

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